The Shore Bowl relies on an amazing team of volunteers and we’re hoping for your support again in this year.

Volunteers perform a range of essential roles, such as moderator, timekeeper, scorekeeper and judge. Training sessions will be held in the month prior to the competition, and all volunteers are requested to attend at least one. You don’t need any previous knowledge of competition topics, just time and enthusiasm!

Because of COVID-19, Shore Bowl 2021 will be unprecedented to say the least! The competition will be virtual via Google Meet. Volunteers will still perform a range of essential roles, such as moderator, timekeeper, scorekeeper, and judge.  You don’t need any prior knowledge of competition topics to volunteer, just some time and enthusiasm!

Shore Bowl 2021 will be held on March 6th AND March 7th.  Because of the virtual nature, it has been determined by the National Ocean Science Bowl office that the best way to ensure fair play is that we do not have direct head-to-head matches. This means that each team will be competing alone in a call with just the officials and the coach. The way the competition will run is that we will have 2hr time blocks where between 7 and 9 Google Meet calls will run concurrently. This means that you may sign up for whichever 2hr time blocks you are available, but you must be available for the entirety of the 2hr blocks you select. It will likely not run for the full 2 hrs but we need to account for technical difficulties.

To register your interest in volunteering at Shore Bowl 2021 click below!

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Feel free to email the coordinators at shorebowl@marine.rutgers.edu with any questions.